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Dear sir, madam,

 We do appreciate your interest for the DUTCH PHILATELIC ASSOCIATION SKANDINAVIA. (DPAS) Your sympathy for the Scandinavian philately will hopefully deepen when you become a member of our association. We will inform you about philatelic and postal particularities of the countries and topics belonging to this collecting area.

 SCANDINAVIA is an area with great beauty and contrasts in nature, history, culture and environment. The, mostly, Scandinavian stamp designers represent its nature, culture and religion on a sparkling way with all the time again a surprising view. Our area is Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Grönland, Färöarne, Ísland, Danska Västindien, Finland, Åland. 

Pre-philately speaks his own language and takes you into the history of not only this area but also outside, pointing you at the influences of these countries on the neighbouring areas and vice versa. Philately, the time area that started with the appearing of the stamp, speaks a new language about communication and infrastructure. 

The DUTCH PHILATELIC ASSOCIATION SKANDINAVIA is not only an association for the professional but certainly also for the beginning collector whose interest for this Nordic area is just wakening and /or growing. Postal history such as covers, cards, postal stationary, forms, Cinderella’s and other entries can also give their extras to topic and thematic collections. 

The NFVS, "De Nederlandse Filatelisten Vereniging Skandinavië" is a member of the Royal Dutch Association of philatelist’s associations and has about 200 members inside and outside The Netherlands and many relations abroad. The association was founded back in 1964.

The association offers you, as a member living abroad;

1.)  4 times a year in full colour publicised magazine HET NOORDERLICHT, filled with interesting information, articles, and reviews of, new and old, books, catalogues and magazines.

2.) A magazine that won several prices during contests and on national and international exhibitions.

3.) 4 times a year an auction with lots of interesting items of all Scandinavian areas and/or topics including single stamps, sets, covers, collections, literature and useable accessories.

4.)  A website, with lots of news book reviews and the possibility to see and download the auction list and results.

5.)  The possibility to order books and/or catalogues with discount.

6.)  An inheritance commission will advise and help the relatives of diseased members with the selling of their collections in The Netherlands.

Of course, you always are welcome to visit a meeting when you are in the Netherlands.

Membership fees

  • € 32,50 Lid / for members living inside The Netherlands.

  • € 35,00 Lid / for members living inside the EC (not Netherlands).

  • € 40,00 Lid / for members living outside the EC.

  • € 15,00 Digital member (see below) note: non Netherlands residents only!

  • € 15,00 Family member / only for those related to a full member

    This difference is due to the higher postage rates for the sending of the Noorderlicht magazines. Family member do not recieve a copy of the Noorderlicht but have all other advantages of a membership.

The membershipfee can be transferred to bank nr.: 
NL58 INGB 0000 3809 62 
                                         NFV Skandinavië


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New! Digital membership

For those interested in our auctions only we have a digital membership available. You will not receive the magazine "Noorderlicht" and have no acces to the swappingsystem. Meetings are then on invitation only. But you are able to participate in our quarterly auctions (each meeting).

  • € 15,00 digital membership (per year)

The auction list is online available 3 weeks prior to each meeting / auction.  The association’s year runs from of January 1st until December 31st. We do not charge
any entry dues.  Contact Henk Burgman for digital membership application.

Become a member?

You become a member of the NFV SKANDINAVIË  (DPAS) after sending the filled-out application form and our reception of the payment as required for your place of settlement.  

 We do hope that you will enjoy the membership and its benefits.

You are very welcome!

Regulations of NFVS
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