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During each meeting an auction is held. On these auctions members can buy and sell material, which they consign in advance to the assocations auctioneer.

On this page you will find:

  • The recent auction catalogue of the auction to be held at the following meeting;
  • The result and aftersale list;
  • Downloadable bidsheet;
  • Terms of sale;
  • Terms of consigning;
  • How to contact the auctioneer;
  • The auction rules;

 Catalogue of the upcomming auction no. 200

Download the catalogue of auction 200

Auction to be held on the meeting 
September , 21th  2019




You can view some images of lots here.
Corrections auction 200

Lot 72: stamp is used and not MNH
150: is Facit TJ 64/66
329: is Facit 11a2 GB
330: is Facit 11a1V2 GB
485: nr. 5 used nice stamp, lightly off center and 3 parts of a light cancel.
Lot 524: startprice € 15,00
Lot 582 = Gebruikt / Used
Lot 583 = Plakker / Mint hinged

Lot 728: = VERVALLEN / withdrawn
Lot729: = VERVALLEN / withdrawn
/ withdrawn
843: Cat. value is SEK 2000
Lot 902: = VERVALLEN / withdrawn
903: = VERVALLEN / withdrawn
 / withdrawn


Result list and aftersale of auction 200

Unsolds (no price in last column) are available until Saturday October 5th 2019 (first come, first to be served).
To obtain lots, please contact the auctioneer.

V200_obrlst.pdf V200_obrlst.pdf
Grootte : 395,495 Kb
Type : pdf
Literature section of the auction

Link to the:  literature list

These books and magazines are part of the auctions to be held at the societysmeetings.
They are not taken to the auctionroom unless requested specifically. 

One can file a request on the liturature page.

Downloadable bidsheet 

Here you can download a bidsheet, after filling it out you can scan it and mail it to the auctioneer.

biedbriefje.pdf biedbriefje.pdf
Grootte : 129,514 Kb
Type : pdf

make sure your bids will reach the auctioneer in time

Check your bids!

You can e-mail your bids to the auctioneer  


Online Bid Form

If you would like to do more then five bids you can your the form multiple times. Please not you will have to be member of the society to do valid bids. Rules apply.

Terms of sale

The terms of sale you can download here (Dutch). 

verkoopvoorwaarden.pdf verkoopvoorwaarden.pdf
Grootte : 152,959 Kb
Type : pdf

Terms of consignment 

The terms of consignment you can download here (Dutch)

To consign you can contact the auctioneer Mr. Burgman

inzendvoorwaarden.pdf inzendvoorwaarden.pdf
Grootte : 79,607 Kb
Type : pdf


Auctionrules are listed in the pdf to the right.

veilingreglement.pdf veilingreglement.pdf
Grootte : 1859,471 Kb
Type : pdf

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